Are lockers available around the theme park?

Since your bags and loose articles are not allowed to be taken on the majority of the rides, we recommend that you place all your loose items and valuables into one of our safe and secure lockers.

These are available at many locations including:

Towers St, X-Sector, Forbidden Valley, and Dark Forest.

Lockers are available for 1 hour, or all day at the following rates:

Small Locker – £1 per hour, or £5 per day

Large Locker – £2 per hour, or £10 per day

For the duration of the rental period, lockers can be reopened and closed as many times as needed at no extra charge.

Guests cannot ride with bags or loose items on our rides and so will be required to place bags either in lockers or on the ride platform.These facilities vary from ride to ride and belongings are always left at the owner's risk.