Where can I eat dinner at Alton Towers Resort Hotels?

We have a wide selection of restaurants at our Resort Hotels for you to enjoy. We highly recommend booking a table before arrival.  Please click here to select your choose restaurant and book a table.

Alton Towers Hotel

Secret Garden Resturant

Enchanted Village 

The Crooked Spoon

Splash Landings Hotel

Flambo's Jambo Resturant

CBeebies Land Hotel 

The Windmill Resturant

Please note you can only dine at The Windmill Resturant if you are staying at the CBeebies Land Hotel. 

Why not venture into the Park and dine at the Rollercoaster Restaurant? This dining experience is set below a vast rollercoaster track, where you can watch as orders tackle two gravity-defying loop-the-loops before dropping 8 meters - the equivalent of two double-decker buses - down the tornado spiral to the table. Please book before arrive to avoid disappointment for more information click here

Please note dinner is not included in your package unless stated.