Services Day Information

The Services Day Event can only be accessed via an email link. Once you have followed the link, you will be taken to a dedicated page with all the information relating to the event.


Services Day between 6th–8th March 2020.

The Services Day Package Includes:

  • An overnight stay at Splash Landings Hotel or CBeebies Land Hotel.
  • Delicious buffet breakfast.
  • Free parking.
  • 9 holes of Extraordinary Golf.
  • Alton Towers Waterpark tickets.

Waterpark Entry Information:

  • Alton Towers Resort Waterpark is available for one day during your stay. Waterpark tickets will be printed with your check-in date but can be used on either day of your stay.
  • In addition, every Services Day short break guest gets exclusive complimentary access to the Waterpark between 7 pm–9 pm on 7th March 2020.
  • Guests have 1–day access to the Waterpark between 6th–8th March 2020 (depending on the date they've booked). Friday times are 10 am–4 pm, Saturday times are 10 am–6 pm (and then the exclusive evening access from 7 pm-9 pm) Sunday times are 10 am–6 pm.
  • Please note: Remember before booking, all guests need to fulfil the ratio requirements to enter the Alton Towers Waterpark: 1 Adult (16 years old and upwards) + 1 child (4 years or under) or 2 children (5-7 years old)

Important Information:

  • Please note that our Service Day is between the 6th- 8th March 2020.
  • This offer does not include Theme Park tickets. Alton Towers Theme Park is open Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th March.
  • Theme Park tickets are not included and must be purchased in advance if you would like to enter the Theme Park.