We're Open! Alton Towers Resort - Guest Information

In line with the latest Government guidance, we are delighted to confirm that Alton Towers Resort is now open! We can’t wait to welcome you back!

This follows the successful opening of the Alton Towers Gardens earlier this month and in line with the UK Government guidance on the reopening of open-air attractions. 

From 4th July, the rest of the theme park is now open, including the majority of our rides and outdoor attractions, although some indoor facilities must remain closed for now.  We will reopen with significantly reduced numbers and a range of hygiene and safety measures to protect you and our employees.  You can find out more about these measures here.

Our resort hotels are also open with a reduced number of bookings in line with our attraction capacity numbers.

We ask all guests planning to visit our Resort to please respect each other, our employees and our guidelines on maintaining good hygiene and a safe distance between households.  Our website features further information and updates on reopening times, as well as our FAQs on our new operations and safety measures, please visit our frequently asked questions for more information. 

Remember your face masks!

Please note that, following the latest Government guidelines, from Saturday 8th August any guests above the age of 11 will need to wear a face mask in the following areas of the Resort:

  • Indoor ride queues – you will be asked to put your mask on as you enter the ride building
  • Hotel reception and other communal areas (this does not include the hotel bar areas or restaurants)
  • This includes Waterpark guests who are passing through Splash Landings Hotel on the way to the Waterpark

This is in addition to the existing areas where mask wearing is already required, which are:

  • Indoor rides and attractions
  • A selection of our rollercoasters and family rides
  • All shops on the Resort
  • When queueing inside for food and drinks

We advise all guests to bring a suitable face mask with them when they visit, and to carry it with them at all times.  A range of face masks are available to buy at the Resort.

Please note that you do not need to wear a face mask if you are sitting down to eat or drink.

In line with Government guidance for a range of different settings, children under the age of 11 are no longer required to wear a mask when visiting the Resort.  Exemptions also apply for people with certain health conditions or disabilities.

These changes follow the latest Government guidance for indoor settings in England (issued on 31st July), and are in addition to our existing COVID-19 protection measures, which you can read more about here.  We are very grateful for your help and support in keeping yourselves, other guests and our teams safe during your visit.


Where do guests have to wear face masks?

Guests over the age of 11* will be required to wear a face mask in order to go on a number of rides and rollercoasters, and within any indoor space including queues, giftshops, indoor rides and attractions, and hotel lobbies. This advice is in line with the latest UK Government regulations across England which will come in to place from the 8th August https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus. We are monitoring this guidance closely and we encourage all our guests to help protect themselves and each other when visiting the Resort.

* Children under 11, people with certain health conditions and people with a disability are exempt. 


Why have you now changed the age that children need to wear a mask on rides from 6 to 11?

We have raised our exemption age for wearing a mask from 6 to 11 years old to fall in line with Government guidance. Our previous exemption age of 6 years old was based on comparisons with other industries that were also mandating face coverings made before any Government guidance that applied to settings like ours. Now there is clear guidance from Government on the exemption age for a number of different settings, we have changed to make it easier for our guests and our teams to follow.

Please note, children under 11, people with certain health conditions and people with a disability are exempt. 


Will you make people wear face masks in your giftshop (on exiting a ride/attraction) and retail spaces.

Guests over the age of 11* should bring and wear a suitable face covering where possible when entering or exiting through one of our gift shops. This advice is in line with current UK Government regulations for retail spaces in England from the 24th July https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus, which we are monitoring closely. We encourage all our guests to help protect themselves and each other. 

* Children under 11, people with certain health conditions and people with a disability are exempt.